Benefits Of Planting Trees/Plants

Arlina Design: Benefits Of Planting Trees/Plants 29.10.16
Benefits Of Planting Trees/Plants

There are several benefits of planting trees. These can be:

  1. Tree help to moderate the impacts of climate change on our globe. Climate change (among the others) has two most important components i.e., the increasing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, and the soaring temperature of the globe. Plants help keep both these under control. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide from the environment and make the atmosphere clean. The carbon dioxide absorbed by the plants is channelized into food through the process of photosynthesis. Secondly, the plant provide cooling effect to the environment. We can feel a clear difference of temperature for an area full of trees and the one without trees, when both are located nearby each other.
  2. Trees provide oxygen for other organisms on the earth. No organism can live without oxygen. Hence, the trees help to sustain life on the earth.
  3. Tree provide food. Trees (through photosynthesis) not only make food for themselves, but also provide it to all of other living things on the earth. Most of the animals feed directly on trees and grow. The other animals use the food from trees indirectly (by eating the mature animals who had fed on plants). Humans too get most of their food from plants. The number of food items obtained from plants by humans is abundant. These may include grains, vegetables, salads, fruits, pulses and much more.
  4. Trees and plants not only absorb carbon dioxide, but these also absorb many of other elements, gases etc., which pollute our environment. Hence, the plants help to provide humans a clean environment.
  5. Trees and plants conserve the soil and environment. Damages caused to soil by erosion (either wind or water) are minimized by the vegetation. Plants provide a protection to soil and keep the soil particles consolidated.
  6. The number of products obtained from trees/plants is unlimited. This starts from their food and medicinal benefits and ends nowhere. Furniture may be quoted as an example over here.
  7. Trees conserve the water on the earth and regulate the water cycle.
  8. Trees are shade for humans, animals and birds.
  9. Tree provide shelter to many birds and animals.
  10. Trees are probably the best friends of humans in this world.

Yorum Gönder